Nursing Homes

Some agencies provide objective information, help in selection and application, and problem resolution. See also Case Management. For help in keeping a person at home who might otherwise have to enter a nursing home, see the Action Guide and Family Caregiver Support, and Personal Support Services Agencies.

CHOICES: 1-866-836-6678

East TN Area Agency on Aging & Disability
9111 Cross Park Drive, Suite D-100, 37923
Provides application support for individuals seeking long- term support services in nursing facilities, private homes, or community settings. Must meet financial and medical eligibility for TennCare/Medicaid Long-Term Care.

Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program: 691-2551

East TN Human Resource Agency
9111 Cross Park Drive, Suite D-100, 37923
Enter extension 4223. Assists residents, family members, and others understand resident’s rights and provides assistance resolving complaints at nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and residential homes for the aged. Offers information to prospective residents and their families about options for long-term care.

Knox County Nursing Homes

For a list of nursing homes in the eight counties surrounding Knox County, call the Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program, listed above. For information about nursing home admissions and financing see Action Guide.

Payment: Medicaid, Medicare, private insurance, long-term care insurance, and private pay. Not all nursing homes accept Medicaid. Medicaid applications to nursing homes are screened by Medicaid/TennCare.

Many Knox County nursing homes provide skilled and/or intermediate care. Some hospitals have transitional care units with services equivalent to nursing home care. Skilled care, or transitional care, includes high-level wound care, respirators, tube feeding, intravenous therapy, and more.

Nursing homes must provide mental health counseling if needed; most contract with a mental health agency. Cost is paid by resident, although Medicare, TennCare, or private insurance can provide coverage. Nursing homes must offer rehabilitation services (physical, speech, and occupational therapy). Some offer rehabilitation as an outpatient service as well. A doctor must prescribe the therapy, but the patient can choose the provider.

Ben Atchley State Tennessee Veterans’ Home: 862-8100

One Veterans Way, 37931 (street)
9910 Coward Mill Road, 37931 (mailing)

Beverly Park Place Health & Rehab: 687-1321

5321 Beverly Park Circle, 37918

Creekview Health & Rehabilitation: 689-2052

3300 N. Broadway, 37917

Island Home Park Health & Rehab: 573-9621

1758 Hillwood Drive, 37920


Healthcare Farragut: 777-4000
120 Cavett Hill Lane, 37934

Fort Sanders: 525-4131
2120 Highland Avenue, 37916

Holston Health & Rehabililitation Center: 777-4000
120 Cavett Hill Lane, 37934

Knoxville: 524-7366
809 E. Emerald Avenue, 37917

Serene Manor Medical Center: 523-9171

970 Wray Street, 37917

Shannondale Health Care Center: 690-3411

7424 Middlebrook Pike, 37909 (street)

Summit View of Farragut: 966-0600

12823 Kingston Pike, 37934

Little Creek: 690-6727

1811 Little Creek Lane, 37922

Wellpark at Shannondale: 690-3411

7512 Middlebrook Pike, 37909

West Hills Health & Rehab: 588-7661

6801 Middlebrook Pike, 37909

Westmoreland Health & Rehab Center: 584-3902

5837 Lyons View Pike, 37919