Care Management

A care manager, or case manager, is a professional, usually a social worker or nurse, who evaluates an older person’s situation to determine services needed and identify agencies that offer them. The care manager can sometimes arrange for the client to receive services and check to ensure that services are being reliably delivered.

Care managers can work for individuals or their families. Some work for service providers to determine eligibility for service, and some represent insurance companies and focus on keeping costs low. Some law offices, Personal Support Services Agencies and other senior service providers have care managers (may or may not be certified) on staff to assist clients of that business. If you already work with such a service provider, ask if there is a care manager on staff.

Some care managers are certified by the Aging Life Care Association. Agencies with at least one certified staff member are listed here.

Care Around the Block: 444-6787

151F Market Place Blvd., 37922

Elder Law of East Tennessee: 951-2410

903 N. Hall of Fame Drive, 37917

Project LIVE (CAC): 524-2786

Office on Aging
2247 Western Avenue, 37921 (street)
P.O. Box 51650, 37950-1650 (mailing)
Care managers for eligible low-income seniors; in-home assessment, care management, referral to services. No fees; contributions accepted.