Tech Smart Knox Seniors

Older adults today are living in a time of unprecedented technological change. They are pioneers, navigating for the first time a rapid, Internet-fueled evolution in healthcare, commerce, communications and other essential services and activities. Resources and support often lag innovation, and barriers such as cost, and access have significant impact on those who are already isolated or disconnected. COVID-19 hastened the transition to life online, highlighting and exacerbating the systemic barriers facing those without digital skills, access, and assistance.

The CAC Office on Aging is addressing this digital divide with the launch of a new initiative called Tech Smart Knox Seniors! Through Tech Smart, seniors aged 60 and over will receive digital training, access to digital tools, and connectivity support to gain the skills and confidence needed to navigate technology.

Digital Training

The CAC Office on Aging is offering classes at various locations each month to provide training. The training will be 15 hours per week. Training is provided by a Digital Literacy Coordinator, and trained Tech Smart Volunteers.

Digital Tools

Each Tech Smart participant will have the opportunity to purchase a discounted rate digital device at the end of the 15 hours training.

Digital Connectivity

Tech Smart participants will also receive in-home affordable connectivity counseling.

For more information, please contact us at 865-524-2786 or