Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) Outreach

Want to know more about SNAP? Watch this SNAP video!

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance  Program (SNAP) provides extra money for low-income individuals and households to buy nutritious food needed for good health. With SNAP benefits, food can be purchased from most grocery stores and other retailers that sell food. The SNAP card can also be used at designated Farmer’s Markets in Knoxville, Morristown, Chattanooga and Johnson City to purchase fresh fruits and vegetables, and fruit or vegetable-bearing plants to grow in your own garden. SNAP nutrition assistance program is under the USDA current debit card system.

The SNAP Outreach program educates adults over age 60 about how easy it is to apply for SNAP, dispels misconceptions they have about the program, and helps them through the application process. The only way to find out if you are eligible for SNAP is to apply.

Tennessee ranks 4th in the nation in senior hunger, with about 150,000 older Tennesseans living in a state of insecurity regarding food. Many seniors who are eligible for SNAP benefits today are not receiving them. This includes 67% of struggling aging adults age 60 and above. This means that millions of seniors today are suffering from the debilitating effects of hunger and poor nutrition, despite the fact that most have paid taxes to support the program for years.

SNAP Outreach can also provide resources about this valuable assistance program: a speaker for your group, someone to staff a table at your health fair or community event, or an advisor to talk at your facility, church, or business.

If you would like assistance with the SNAP application or more information about the program, call the Office on Aging at 865-524-2786 or email