Driver Safety

AAA: 637-1910

Downtown: 100 W. Fifth Avenue, 37917
West: 110 Capital Dr., 37922
Membership includes emergency roadside assistance, discounts on travel and retailers across the country. Driver safety tips, travel, and insurance agency services available to members and nonmembers.

Roadwise Driver

Eight-hour driver-safety course offered online for members and nonmembers. Class may qualify driver for insurance discounts. Fee. | Website »

Comprehensive Driving Program: 331-1958

Patricia Neal Rehabilitation Center
1901 Clinch Avenue, 37916
Offers objective evaluation of driving skills of people with physical and cognitive problems and, if possible, trains them to drive safely with adaptive equipment or alternative method. Requires a doctor’s prescription. Private pay. | Website »

Driver Safety Program: 376-4691

Eight-hour driver-safety course offered periodically. Graduates may be entitled to insurance discounts. Fee. | Website »

Phoenix Conversions: 670-4060

5915 Casey Drive, 37909
Vehicle modifications and adaptive equipment. | Website »

Superior Van & Mobility: 622-6550

10640 Braden Dickey Lane, 37932
Vehicle modifications and adaptive equipment. Wheelchair van rentals. | Website »

Tennessee Yellow DOT Program

TN Dept. of Transportation
Free program provides first responders with medical information in an emergency. Participants receive a decal, folder, and medical information sheet. Photos are placed on sheets so each person in vehicle can be identified quickly. The decal is placed on the driver’s side rear window; the completed medical sheet is stored in the glove compartment. Enroll at any Knox County site listed below. Updated site listings can be found by searching “Yellow Dot” at | Website »

Knoxville AAA offices: 637-1910

Downtown: 100 W. Fifth Avenue, 37917
West: 110 Capital Drive, 37922

TN Highway Patrol: 594-5800

7601 Kingston Pike, 37919

World of Independence: 932-2880

8742 Asheville Highway, 37924
Vehicle modifications, adaptive equipment, and in-home stairlifts. | Website »