Senior Care Calls

Senior Care Calls

Senior Care Calls is an ongoing telephone wellness check and social support program, launched by the CAC Office on Aging to help alleviate loneliness and depression among seniors. Volunteers make weekly check-in calls to seniors who are homebound, isolated, and lonely. The program was launched in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, and has been so valuable to our community that it remains active today under the AmeriCorps Seniors RSVP Program.

As we age, our social network often decreases, and additional factors such as social distancing, limited mobility, lack of transportation support, and chronic conditions contribute to the feelings of loneliness and depression among older adults. The 2020 State of Aging report indicates that there are roughly 23,541 seniors in Knox County who live in isolation. That’s 29% of the senior population. Our weekly check-in calls can help reduce the number of isolated seniors in Knox County.

Sign Up To Receive Calls

If you know a senior neighbor, friend, family member, or client who could benefit from a weekly call, please call 865-524-2786 or email

Sign Up To Volunteer

 If you are interested in serving as a volunteer caller, please use this link to express interest:

CAC Office on Aging (Knox Seniors) Volunteer Interest Form (

Volunteer requirements:

  • Volunteers call the same senior weekly
  • Commit to the same senior for a minimum of six months
  • Volunteers should be age 55+

The CAC Office on Aging will provide training and a dedicated Connection Line so volunteers can reach their senior match at any time without needing to exchange personal contact information.

For service opportunities for volunteers under the age of 55, follow this link:

Needs | Volunteer East Tennessee (

For additional program details, please contact