Miles for Mobile Meals

By filling out this form, you will be pledging your support of Charley Wood and his walk for homebound seniors. Every dollar of your pledge will go towards providing nutritious meals and social support to older adults in Knox County who are frail, socially isolated, and unable to cook for themselves.

  • Please include your mailing address and pledge level when filling out this form.
  • If you have any words of encouragement for Charley, you can write them in the “Comments” section.
  • After completing this form, you will receive a confirmation email and a letter in the mail detailing how to complete your pledge.

Pledge Levels

$0.05 per mile provides 7 meals
$0.10 per mile provides 14 meals
$0.20 per mile provides 28 meals
$0.50 per mile provides 70 meals
$1.00 per mile provides 140 meals

Check out our Facebook page for live updates on Charley’s journey!

Thank you!

The CAC Office on Aging is a public nonprofit agency. Your gift helps us serve the people of Knoxville and Knox County.


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