Gift of Sight, Hearing & Dentures

Make a Gift to Sight, Hearing & Dentures

Gift of Sight, Hearing & Dentures: (865) 546-6262

Can you imagine what it is like to:

  • Be unable to read or set and oven temperature because you can’t see?
  • Be unable to see your grandchild’s face?
  • Take the wrong medication because you can’t see the label?
  • Be unable to hear the news or your favorite programs on TV or radio?
  • Be unable to hear a church sermon or be a part of a Sunday School class?
  • Be unable to use the telephone, hear music, the doorbell or a smoke detector?
  • Be unable to enjoy your favorite foods because you can’t chew properly?
  • Be unable to carry on a normal conversation because of missing teeth?
  • Be embarrassed to smile at a friend or to be photographed with your grandchild because of how your mouth looks?

Give the Gift of Sight, Hearing & Dentures to a senior today by contributing financially to this program!

What does it do?

The Gift of Sight, Hearing & Dentures program provides eyeglasses, hearing aids, and dentures to qualifying individuals who cannot afford them otherwise (age 50+ for Sight & Hearing, and age 60+ for Dentures).  Professional services are donated by ophthalmologists, optometrists, audiologists, dentists, and dental labs, which keeps the costs as low as possible.

The program carefully screens applicants to determine need, arranges vision, hearing, and denture exams, and fills eyeglass prescriptions, provides hearing aids, and pays for dentures. (The denture program does not provide for any other type of dental services such as cleanings, extractions, fillings, or other types of restorative work. Applicant must be ready for dentures when applying for the program.) The program allows older Knox County residents who cannot afford the full cost of eyeglasses, hearing aids, or dentures to pay back the cost a little at a time as they are able. Eyeglasses, hearing aids, and dentures are not traditionally covered by Medicare, Medicaid, or supplemental insurance.