Getting Around Knoxville and Knox County

They’re all around Knoxville and Knox County. Yet you may have never paid attention to them. They take people to where they need and want to go. Check them out. You may find that it’s worthwhile for you to take advantage of this service.

What are They?

The different types of transportation available for people living in the area. Many have special pricing for older people and the disabled.

Sure, you know of Knoxville Area Transportation (KAT). You can’t miss seeing their buses on the major streets and highways in Knoxville. People living close to a Kat stop can take advantage of their service to get to downtown Knoxville and many parts of Knox County.

A Special Advantage for Those 65 and Older . . .

. . . is they are entitled to reduced fares. A one ride pass costs $0.75. A 1-day pass costs $2.00. There are also reduced fares available for longer options. To take advantage of the reduced fares, all those over 65 have to do is show their Medicare card.

Not many newer people to Knoxville or Knox County may realize the city has free trolley service downtown. There are 3 different routes which can get you to Market Square, the Old City, the University of Tennessee, the Civic Coliseum and waterfront pathway. The trolleys run from Monday through Saturday.

You may be saying to yourself “The service KAT provides is great. However, I don’t live near a KAT stop and can’t use it easily. ”

There are other options available for older people and the disabled.

Knox County CAC Transit
Phone: 865-524-0319

Phone: 865-215-7850

CAC Volunteer Assisted Transportation (VAT)
Phone: 865-673-5001

East Tennessee Human Resource Agency (ETHRA)
Phone: 800-232-1565

Door to Door Service

While KAT has fixed routes and designated stops, the others listed above do not. They provide door to door service. They pick you up at home, drive you where you want to go and take you back home again.

KAT LIFT is limited to those with disabilities who cannot access KAT’s fixed bus routes. If you are older and have a disability, check them out. If you are not disabled, check the others out.

Some require you to submit an application before you can use their service. Also – scheduling a ride typically has to be made in advance. You should call each one or check out their websites to find out their rules.

Knox County CAC Transit and ETHRA provide transportation to the general public not just older people and the disabled.

You may have a car and still drive everywhere. You are saying to yourself “I can get where I want to go by myself. I don’t need these options.”

Have You Stopped to Think About How Much Your Car Costs You?

If you’re like most, your monthly income is not increasing. Look at what you spend for gas. Look at the other expenses for maintenance and repairs. In the long run, it may be cheaper for you to use these other transportation options available to you regularly and just use your car for longer trips.

Another thing to consider. As you get older, you will reach an age where you will not be able to continue to drive. At that time, you may not want to inconvenience a family or friend to take you to a doctor’s appointment or shopping. That’s when it would be advantageous for you to use one of these other options. So, it’s best for you to check them out in advance.

You may be younger and have an older parent, relative or neighbor who is homebound because they are no longer driving or can no longer drive. Let them know about these services. If an application has to be completed, help them complete it. They will have the opportunity to maintain their independence and go where they need and want to go.

The CAC Has Cut the Work Out for You

The CAC realizes older people may have difficulty figuring out which of these transportation services would be the best for them and their needs. So, they have a Counseling for Transportation office.

The phone number for this office is 865-673-5001. Call them today. Let them know you’re interested in finding out your options on getting around in Knoxville and Knox County and ask them for help. The people in the office will be glad to assist you.