Eye Services

Gift of Sight, Hearing, & Dentures (CAC): 546-6262

Office on Aging
2247 Western Avenue, 37921
For Knox County residents who cannot afford them, program provides low-cost eye and hearing exams, eyeglasses, and hearing aids for people age 50+, and low-cost dentures for seniors age 60+. Service is limited by available funds.

Low Vision Center – Eye Xcel

North Knoxville: 687-1232

715 Callahan Drive, 37912

Hardin Valley: 243-8260

10252 Hardin Valley Rd., 37932
Provides rehabilitation for patients with visual impairments. People with moderate to severe vision loss can retain independence and quality of life through training on assistive devices, including reading and magnifying glasses, skills training, and referrals to other support.

Low Vision Support Group (CAC): 523-1135

Office on Aging O’Connor Senior Center 611 Winona Street, 37917
Meets quarterly and for special occasions. Resource information and social support for senior adults with any degree of vision loss.

Spark: 219-0130

116 Childress Street, 37920
Provides information and assistance through demonstrations of apps and equipment and short and long-term loans
of equipment, when available, for individuals with vision disabilities. Donations encouraged and appreciated.