Your Age Has Advantages. Don’t Overlook Them

We all love a bargain. You know – that little extra incentive when we are buying something. Older people are no different. In fact, older people can get bargains more frequently than any other group of people. They also can get those from a greater variety of sources.

It all started years ago during the Great Depression. The age group most adversely affected by it was senior citizens. They lost most, if not all, of their life savings. Social Security was established to provide that age group an income to survive.

Many Stores and Businesses Offer Older People Discounts

That income generally was just enough for them to survive. So companies and business started offering them discounts on products their products or service. Those companies and businesses profited by making sales others would have made.

As time passed, more and more companies and businesses started to offer these perks to older people. At the same time the age at which they could get them started to drop. Initially, a person had to be 65 or older to qualify. Now many offer them to those 55 and older. Some to 50 and older.

Older people can find discounts all around them – grocery stores, retail stores, restaurants, movie theaters, plays, vacations, car rentals, air lines, trains, buses, etc. Sometimes these discounts are not publicized. All people have to do is ask about them.

Check These Out!

Retail and department stores

  • Belk – The first Tuesday of the month is Senior Day. The discount is15% discount for those 55+.
  • Dress Barn – Most stores offer a discount weekly – The day of week and amount varies by store – Typically it’s10%. Ask at the store where you shop.
  • Kohl’s – Every Wednesday. There is a discount of 15% for those age 60 and older.
  • Ross Dress for Less – A discount of 10% every Tuesday for those 55+
  • Stein Mart – First Monday every month. Store sends an email to their customers 55 and older with coupons valid on that day
  • Michael’s – Discount varies by store. Ask at your store what the discount is and how old a person has to be to get it.
  • KARM Thrift Store – Ask at store when senior day is and the amount of the discount.
  • Goodwill – Every Tuesday – The discount is 10% for those 60+.
  • Salvation Army Thrift Stores – Inquire at store.

Grocery stores

  • Publix – Discount of 5% every Wednesday for those 60 and older.
  • Note: Kroger’s offered a discount of 5% every Wednesday for those 60 and older here in Tennessee. However, that program stopped on March 15, 2017. The company said they were lowering prices on grocery items to compensate for that.

Drug stores

  • Walgreens – First Tuesday of every month – There is a discount of 15 to 20% off for those 55 and older who are members of AARP and have Balance Rewards cards.


  • Great Clips – $10 haircuts for those 65 and older+
  • Sport Clips – Typically $2 off for those 55 and older
  • SuperCuts – Typically $2 off for those 62 and older

Just about every restaurant offers a discount. Ask the manager or your server about it.

If you’re going to a movie, ask for the discount. If you’re going to a play, it doesn’t hurt to ask if they have one.

Always Take the Opportunity toSave Money Any Time You Can

Don’t be embarrassed to ask for a discount you qualify for. Do you remember when you got that letter from AARP around your 50th birthday letting you know you qualified for membership? You may have been a little taken back finding out then you qualified as a retired person. You got over it quickly, didn’t you?

No one cares about your age at any of these businesses. Any time you take advantage of a discount you can use what you save for something else. So why not, go ahead and get a discount any time you can!