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Aging: A Family Affair

The Office on Aging has hosted an annual fall workshop, Aging: A Family Affair, since 1984.  The workshop is offered in the fall, usually on the second Thursday in November, though the date can vary. 

This year, the event is on Thursday, November 13, at Rothchild Conference Center, 8807 Kingston Pike, from 8:30 a.m. to 3:45 p.m.

The daylong workshop provides practical information on a variety of topics for caregivers, seniors, and aging network professionals. The cost for the day is $30 ($35 after October 31) and includes lunch, an exhibitors’ fair, and materials. The day starts with a keynote address that is attended by all who have registered.  After that, speakers who are considered experts in their fields offer advice, guidance and encouragement in the workshop’s eight seminars.

Aging: A Family Affair was the brainchild of Peggy Wirtz, a longtime Office on Aging staff member who was instrumental in bringing caregiving issues to the forefront in Knoxville and Knox County, beginning at a time when not many people were aware of the challenges facing people who were caregivers of senior citizens.  Since that time, local awareness of the issues involved in being a caregiver of a senior has increased, in large part because of this workshop and other efforts made by the Office on Aging and other agencies that assist seniors and their family members.

Wirtz was herself a caregiver of five older members of her family, all at overlapping times.  She was raising young children and working outside the home at the same time, so she was familiar with the many demands put on caregivers, both of children and of seniors, but especially for those who are trying to do both at once. She conceived the Aging: A Family Affair workshop as a way to get important, current information about aging out to those most in need of it. She designed the workshop with a keynote address followed by nine seminars offered throughout the day in three sessions.  Her original concept was that in each session, there would be one seminar for seniors, one for family members and other caregivers, and one for professionals in the field of aging.  Over time, the lines between these categories have blurred, but the concept remains the same.  We now offer eight workshops, and attendees still choose three to attend for the day. 

The general session is named the Peggy Wirtz Keynote Address in memory of Peggy, who died in October 2008. Covenant Health is the sponsor of the keynote address.

UT Medical Center is our major sponsor this year, along with support from Tennova Healthcare and the Knoxville News Sentinel. The support of all of these organizations helps keep the cost of Aging: A Family Affair low.

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